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1, advanced design concept
The mine car developed using the product design concept of construction machinery, using finite element analysis software, combined with the strong scientific research strength of the university, newly designed large section, high strength, wide body welded frame structure; designed for heavy load conditions The wide-body bridge and widened span suspension system improve the stability of vehicle running, turning, ramp driving and unloading.
2, novel design, interior luxury
The exterior appearance of the vehicle is strong and harmonious, and the harmony and unification of strength and beauty are achieved. The design concept of the advanced Yutong bus cab can be reversed, anti-rollover, anti-dropping, spacious interior and open vision, and the configured damping mechanism is the driver. Provides a very comfortable driving environment; the domestic first-class streamlined instrument panel, modular instrumentation, integrated heating and cooling air conditioning system, highlighting the people-oriented design concept.
3, powerful
The Weichai 12L and Yuchai high-power engines, Fast transmissions and dual-speed reduction bridges are deployed to make the vehicles easier to get started, and the climbing ability can be as strong as more than 35%, which is more suitable for use in mine road conditions.
4, through the high performance
The products developed in accordance with the design standards for off-highway machinery make the ground clearance, longitudinal passing radius, approach angle and departure angle of the complete machine fully suitable for the construction environment of the mining area.
5, reliable quality
The strict national military standard quality assurance system, batch production, and assembly line assembly ensure the consistency and reliability of each product.
6, long service life
The frame of the main structural part adopts the welded box-type beam structure; the square tube is adopted as the reinforcing beam of the bottom box in the carriage, the carriage of the vertical beam is added to the side box, and the skeleton structure adopted in the cab is adopted. In this way, the structural strength and impact resistance of the frame, carriage and cab are improved. Under the same conditions, it is more than double the service life of the three-axle heavy truck.
7, high security
The overall wheel width is more than 18% wider than the three-axle heavy truck, which improves the stability of the whole vehicle and makes it more suitable for use in large slope and off-highway working conditions; the large carrying capacity reduces the density of vehicles in the pit, and also improves the Driving safety.
8, easy maintenance
The main parts and components adopt the supporting system for heavy trucks, which facilitates the purchase of wearing parts and facilitates maintenance.
9, service fast
One-stop tracking service for manufacturers, where there are our products, where there is our service.
10, return on value
Compared with the traditional mines with the same tonnage, the purchase price is only 1/3; compared with the currently used three-axis heavy truck, the rated load is more than 2.5 times the three-axle heavy truck; the rated load is increased by 150% of the heavy truck Under conditions, fuel consumption only increased by about 50%. Compared with road dump trucks, the return on investment has increased by more than 30%.

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