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The concept of purely electric sightseeing bus is based on the vehicle power supply and is driven by motor-driven wheels in comparison with conventional fuel-seeing vehicles. It is designed for tourist attractions, parks, large-scale amusement parks, closed communities, campuses, garden-style hotels, and resorts. Self-driving tour developed in villa areas, urban pedestrian streets, ports and other areas, regional patrols, and environmentally-friendly electric passenger vehicles dedicated to transportation. According to the principle of electric drive, pure electric tourist vehicles can be divided into DC electric sightseeing cars and AC inverter electric sightseeing cars.

Pure electric sightseeing car

The main site 1, golf course; 2, park area; 3, amusement park; 4, real estate; 5, resort; 6, airport; 7, campus; 8, community comprehensive management patrol; 9, factory factory; 10, other places.

Pure electric sightseeing car

Advantages: Non-pollution, low noise, pure electric sightseeing car No internal combustion engine exhaust gas produced during the work of the car, does not produce exhaust pollution, is very beneficial to environmental protection and air cleanliness, is almost "zero pollution." It is well-known that pollutants such as CO, HC and NOx, particulates, odors, etc., in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engines form acid rain mists and photochemical smog. Electric cars have no noise from internal combustion engines, and motor noise is also smaller than internal combustion engines. Noise is also harmful to the human auditory, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, and immune systems. Simple structure and convenient maintenance The pure electric sightseeing vehicle is simpler in structure than the internal combustion engine, and has fewer running and transmission components, and the workload of maintenance and repair is small. When the AC induction motor is adopted, the motor needs no maintenance, and more importantly, the electric vehicle is easy to operate and has high energy conversion efficiency, recyclable braking, energy at the time of downhill, and improved energy utilization efficiency.
The research of pure electric sightseeing vehicles shows that its energy efficiency has surpassed that of gasoline engines. Especially in the city, cars stop and go, driving speed is not high, electric cars are more suitable. When the electric vehicle is stopped, no electric power is consumed. In the braking process, the electric motor can be automatically converted into a generator to realize energy reuse during braking and deceleration. Some studies have shown that the same crude oil is smelted and sent to the power plant for power generation. After charging the battery and driving the battery by the battery, the energy utilization efficiency is higher than that of the refined gasoline, and then it is higher by the gasoline engine driving the car. Therefore, it is beneficial to save energy. And reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Valley difference stabilize the grid can take advantage of cheap "Valley Electric" power grid to charge at night, played the role of peak-valley difference stabilize the grid.
The application of pure electric sightseeing vehicles can effectively reduce the dependence on petroleum resources, and limited oil can be used for more important aspects. The electricity that charges the battery can be converted from coal, natural gas, water, nuclear, solar, wind, and tidal energy. In addition, if you charge the battery at night, you can avoid peaks in electricity consumption, which will help balance the load on the grid and reduce costs.

Pure Electric Sightseeing Vehicle Driving Method Shenzhen Lu Local Boat has independent technology in the research, development and production of pure electric sightseeing vehicles. The environmental protection energy-saving and electric energy conversion rate is as high as 92%. It does not emit any harmful gas that pollutes the atmosphere. Use, because most of the power plants are built far away from densely populated cities, causing less harm to humans, and the power plants are stationary, centralized emissions, removal of various harmful emissions is relatively easy, and related technologies have also been available. At the same time, pure electric sightseeing vehicles can make full use of the surplus electric power at the time of electricity consumption in the evening, so that the power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, greatly improving its economic benefits, and contributing to saving energy and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.

Land local boat pure electric sightseeing car

The difference between AC frequency conversion and ordinary DC performance comparison with the ordinary DC electric sightseeing car motor is based on the frequency of the electricity and the corresponding power is designed, only in the rated case of stable operation. The AC variable-frequency electric sightseeing car AC frequency conversion motor does not exist these conditions, at low frequencies also operate as usual, in the process of driving completely to bring visitors a relaxed, comfortable and smooth pleasure.
AC frequency conversion electric sightseeing car is very outstanding in environmental protection and energy conservation. It is far superior to DC electric sightseeing car. Take a motor with a power of 55KW as an example: When the speed is reduced to 4/5 of the original speed, its power consumption It is 28.16KW, saving 48.8%. When the speed drops to 1/2 of the original speed, the power consumption is 6.875KW, which can save 87.5%. At the same time, its characteristics of stable performance, high efficiency, energy saving, strong bearing capacity, high safety, strong braking, no-burning motor, strong climbing power, smooth starting when driving, high speed, low noise, wide vision, etc. Tourism and tourism needs.
The maximum speed of the DC battery electric sightseeing car is 40 km/h, and the maximum driving distance for a single charge is about 80 km. The maximum speed of the AC variable-frequency electric sightseeing bus can reach 60 km/h and the maximum driving range is 100 to 140 km. At present, only a company in Shenzhen Luzhou Local Boat Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. has fully owned the research and development and production technology of AC variable-frequency electric sightseeing vehicles, and its performance and core technologies are in a global leading position.

The characteristics of the AC electric sightseeing car are as follows:
1. The Land Cruiser AC Electric Sightseeing Vehicle adopts a large-capacity lead-acid sealed battery as an energy storage device. Its storage and power supply performance is good, its energy utilization rate is as high as 92%, its power supply is stable, and its charging time is short. This makes the vehicle continue to operate for a long period of time. No maintenance, no need to add acid, water, battery life is long, generally can be used for three years.
2. The frequency conversion controller adopts the DSP control chip imported from the United States, which is equivalent to microcomputer control, stable performance, and electric energy controlled by frequency. It is currently the leading technology in China. The controller is independently developed by the company, and the quality and maintenance are guaranteed. Low maintenance costs.
3, the use of AC variable frequency motor as a driver, stable performance, anti-overload capability, no burning motor, climbing power is strong. Smooth starting, speeding up, long distance, low noise and strong carrying capacity when driving make passengers feel more comfortable. The advantages and features of AC frequency conversion electric sightseeing car motor The frequency conversion electric sightseeing car AC frequency conversion motor adopts special electromagnetic structure optimization design that is different from common DC motor, so that the motor torque, power, and efficiency can reach the optimum within a wide range of rotation speed. This series of motors have the characteristics of high efficiency, high peak power, high overload capacity, stable and reliable performance, compact structure, small size, light weight, and maintenance-free driving motor for electric vehicles, which are not available in other similar motors. Frequency conversion motor base speed following constant torque operation to meet the requirements of fast start, acceleration, climbing and frequent starting of electric vehicles, constant speed above base speed operation, high torque when the motor runs at high speed, so that the electric vehicle can get good high speed performance. It can meet the requirements of various operating conditions for electric vehicles. At the same time, as a generator to provide energy feedback during downhill, high-speed taxiing and braking, the battery is recharged to increase the mileage of the vehicle.

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