Market competition, win in strength. When most of the domestic engine manufacturers export market is struggling, FAW Xichai has been relying on a strong brand advantage, export sales continue to maintain a growth trend, as of now, export sales of Xichai has exceeded 9,000 units, an increase of 17%, all It is a foregone conclusion that annual export sales will reach new heights.

Strong brands have advantages. In September, Xichai received 40 orders for export orders, followed by Indonesia's liberation tractors that matched all of the Xichai Aowei CA6DL1-30 machines, and 55 green cars that were exported to Thailand. All matched Xichai Aowei CA6DL2-35E3...1 In August, the export volume of Xichai China FAW Import and Export Corporation has increased to 67.44%. Following the successful delivery of the orders of 100 Aowei CA6DM diesel engines supporting the liberation of J6 tractors to Iranian BAHMAN in February of this year, 280 liberation J6 tractors supporting Xichai Aowei CA6DM diesel engines were successively received in May. Orders... At this point, the number of XCHAI high-power M models in the Iranian market reached more than 1,000 units.

From January to August this year, Xichai Aowei CA6DL2 engine has been delivered to Russia for 700 times to support the release of liberation dump trucks. Xichai Aowei CA6DM has also exported more than 50 units to Russia. In the South American market, the liberation car that matched the four countries of Xichai State has undergone market trials, and it has begun to supply in batches, with exports of 115 units, which has served as a navigation target for domestic truck emission upgrades. First of all, this year, the number of Xichai Conway engines exported to Peru through Changsha Foton has also reached 270. Secondly, Xichai, as the main engine manufacturer of the FAW Liberation Company's South Africa factory, has exported more than 70 sets of South Africa's Xichai machines. At the same time, the FAW passenger cars that matched the Xieqi Hengwei CA6DF3-24E3 engine successfully bid for the tendering project in Georgia and have already started mass production.

Excellent quality and attractive. This year, the overseas market department of Xichai Sales Co., Ltd. also through a strong attack, strong combined with the supporting exports of brand automobile manufacturers supporting, so that the export share of Xichai diesel engine in the market, the main supporting manufacturers soared, from January to August more than 1300 exports of Xichai machine , All of which are supercharged and above products, after the implementation of the European emissions in Vietnam, through the inspection of Vietnam's Xichai W and X series of pressurized intercooled Conway machines have been supplied to the Vietnamese market.

"Advanced technology, high efficiency and low cost performance, and perfect after-sales service have finally made Xichai stand out from its competitors!" The 55 green cars exported to Thailand all match Xichai Aowei CA6DL2-35E3 and Aowei CA6DM2. The significance of the -37E3 engine is the first green car order that Xichai has successfully switched to other brands in Thailand with high-end quality. It can be said that Xichai's excellent products, leading technologies, and an increasingly sophisticated overseas sales service network are important weights that occupy the commanding heights of the export market.

Milk Cooling Tank

1. Milk Cooling Tank is used for cooling milk, juice, beer and other liquid.

2. We have several models with 150L/200L/300L/500L/1000L

3. Horizontal Type and Vertical Type can be choosen according to customer's workshop.

4. Match America Copeland Air compressor, keep the temperature at 4 degree.

We also mainly manufacture: meat processing machines, milk processing machines, egg processing machines, fruit vegetable machines etc. We have years of exporting experiences, sincerely hope for copperation!

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