After 100 cars of the liberation gas mining car with 420-hp natural gas engine CA6SN1-42E4N1 matching Xichai were settled successively on April 6th after China Coal Coal Heilongjiang Coal Chemical Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. received favorable comments, recently, Xichai had again received 2012 Another "big order" for high-power natural gas engines : 50 orders from the first batch of Shanxi coal transportation and sales group Jincheng Co., Ltd. to match the Liberated J6P car of the Xichai LNG LNG LNG engine CA6SN1-39E4N2.

Successfully winning the market is inextricably linked with Xichai’s strong competitive advantages and quality services.

Xichai CNG liberation car settled in "China Coal Longhua" reputation

After the 420 hp natural gas engine of Xichai entered the market, its leading R&D, technical capabilities, professional production, technological level, and high-quality services created a market share. One after another order made Xichai a reputation for high-power natural gas engine market. Excited. This time, Sino-Coal Longhua Company purchased 45 liberated gas mining vehicles in bulk this year based on the purchase of 45 liberation gas dump trucks last year, and all of them are required to match the 420-horsepower natural gas engine of the Xichai CA6SN1-42E4N1 type. China Coal Heilongjiang Coal Chemical Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a state-owned large-scale coal chemical enterprise that integrates production, sales, and transportation of coal, chemical industry, coal-to-oil, shale oil, and city gas, and is a coal chemical company developed by China Coal Energy Corporation. The base of the industry. The company has long favored Xichai's high-end, high-power natural engines. The Xichai LNG natural gas engine, the CA6SN1-42E4N1, won the bid by virtue of the good environmental value and stability of the previous engine test.

“Xichai CA6SN1-42E4N1 natural gas engine has obvious advantages in environmental protection, gas consumption, controllability and reliability.” Jia Fujin, Director of Vehicle Management Department of Dalian Coal Company, Darienhe Mining Company expressed satisfaction with the quality of the first batch of vehicles and power. . He said that according to a series of tracking reports since the first batch of 35 Xichai gas engines liberation vehicles were put into use on April 6, Xichai natural gas engine has excellent low-carbon environmental protection performance. The remaining 65 natural gas engines equipped with Xichai's 420-horsepower liberation gas mining vehicles also performed well after entering the operational phase. Director Jia Jia highly praised Xichai’s “nanny” service.

“This is the biggest order for the 420-hp natural gas engine from Xichai since it was put on the market, which marks a major breakthrough in the matching of the natural gas engine market for FAW Xichai's high-power natural gas engines. We will fully serve this batch of vehicles.” According to Xichai in Heilongjiang Branch Manager Liu Guochun said that in order to ensure the quality of Xichai's services, Xichai's technical service personnel had been involved in technical services as early as last year's trial in the mining area last year, and Xichai’s accessories and complete machines were established before the handover ceremony on April 6. The green channel has been praised by users.

Xican LNG Machine Helps Liberate J6 Hot-selling Shanxi

"The first batch of 50 Jiefang J6P vehicles that were signed by the Shanxi Coal Transportation and Marketing Group Jincheng Co., Ltd. in May, matching the Xichai LNG LNG LNG engine CA6SN1-39E4N2, has now entered the production phase." Wang Xiaoyi, manager of Xixi Diesel Branch in Shanxi Branch, said with joy: Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sales Group Jincheng Co., Ltd. is a state-owned large-scale enterprise that has an annual average export coal volume of approximately 30 million tons and has a large-scale and standardized coal logistics system. The company has a long history of liberation of Xichai engines. The company owns Xichai Aowei. The liberation of more than 300 vehicles, "buy a car to buy a liberation car, choose the machine to choose Aowei machine" concept has been in-depth. This time, the company selected the first 50 Liberated J6P vehicles that matched Xichai Aowei's LNG high-power engine, which was a good reputation and performance. Manager Wang said that this is the first time that the company has used the Liberated J6P vehicle of the Xichai LNG high-power natural gas engine. It is expected that there will be more than 300 Liberated J6 vehicles that match the Xichai LNG LNG engine in the later period. Manager Wang also said that Xichai has already delivered relevant natural gas technical training and equipped with fragile accessories. It is reported that the Xichai LNG natural gas engine CA6SN1-39E4N2 matched with Liberated J6P is in Aowei. The CA6DN1 engine was successfully designed and developed on the basis of the achievement of a number of technological innovations. The model adopts the most mature American EControl gas control system in the world, and the LNG storage tank is lighter in weight and longer than the vehicle with CNG engine. Its natural gas engine EOL production management system and fault diagnosis instrument meet Market demand for natural gas engine batch production and after-sales service. In particular, regarding the gas consumption indicators that users are most concerned about, natural gas flow control adopts electronic pressure regulator (EPR) technology and international advanced air-fuel ratio closed-loop control strategy. The minimum external gas consumption is 190g/kWh, and the fuel cost per hundred kilometers is 30. %the above.

The step-by-step success of the “hot” heavy truck market of Xichai's natural gas high-power engines not only benefited from Xie Chai’s precise analysis of the market segments and its efforts to infiltrate, but also benefited from the excellent performance of Xichai’s service upgrade.

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