Recently, Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinfeng Technology”) debuted at the 2012 American International Wind Energy Exhibition, exhibiting its direct-drive permanent-magnet technology products and its achievements in the Americas market over the past two years. This is also Goldwind Technology. Third time exhibitors.

The direct-drive permanent-magnet technology units highlighted by Goldwind have attracted much attention, especially the advantages of 2.5MW units, such as high reliability, high power generation efficiency, low maintenance cost, and superior grid connection performance. Goldwind has physically transported the wind turbine nacelle and the variable pitch system to the exhibition area so that visitors can feel the unique charm of the direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine at close range.

It is understood that since the establishment of Goldwind, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldwind Technology, in May 2010, Goldwind has distributed wind power projects in the U.S. market to 11 states across the U.S., and successively seized more than one in Ecuador and Chile in South America. At this point, the total capacity of the Americas project reached 288MW. Goldwind Technologies has also signed a project supply agreement with U.S. wind power developer All Earth Renewables to supply four 2.5MW wind turbines to its Georgia Mountain wind farm in Vermont, USA. The project will be started within this year and the construction will be completed. It can provide daily electricity for 4,200 local families. This project is the first of 2.5MW units obtained by Goldwind in the U.S. market and overseas market, indicating that Goldwind has launched its newest product, 2.5MW, after successfully introducing a 1.5MW direct-drive permanent magnet unit to overseas markets. Drive permanent magnet machine.

Goldwind’s US CEO Tim Rosenzweig said: “Innovation is the driving force behind the development of the industry and the company. Goldwind’s achievements in the US market also benefit from Goldwind’s strategy of 'indigenizing internationalization'. Technology has gained a lot of recognition in the U.S. market, and it has already conducted cooperation projects with some internationally renowned developers such as Enel Group and Mainstream."


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