Township uses water supply stations to pay hundreds of residents to keep reservoirs into "drought" civilian diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2012-05-24

Mianyang, May 24th, was close to Luban Lake, the third largest reservoir in Sichuan Province. Residents relied on water to maintain the domestic water supply. While the houses were on fire, the water supply pipe was water-free. They could only watch over 200,000 properties turned into ashes. . With doubts, the reporter visited Luban Town, Santai County, Sichuan Province.
“If there is water, a home will not be completely destroyed by the fire.” On the 23rd, in front of the home of Jiang Qiongfang, Tailin Office, Luban Town, Santai County, the reporter saw a three-story building that was completely different and burnt. The ash is 5 cm thick and the air conditioner on the second floor is completely melted. This female capable person who used to be a clothing business now has only one piece of clothing.
At 10 o'clock on the evening of May 4, Jiang Qiongfang, who was upstairs, smelled a strong smell of coke downstairs. Only a short while, the entire house became a sea of ​​fire. "At that time, there was no water in the water pipes. I could only watch as the fire burned."
"The fire burned for nearly two hours, but fortunately it did not hurt people." The neighbors told the reporter when Guangmeng Ming told reporters that at that time there was a crowd of people who came to save the fire. Because there was no water in the pipes, everyone could only watch and do anxious.
“Since 2003, the water for domestic use here has been intermittent. In order to normal life, many residents use water to solve the problem of draught.” According to the residents of the Tailin office, a local township water supply station in Luban Town has been established. As a result of repaying the debt owed by a body owner, the town government pressed it to the other party. Afterwards, the domestic water supply of residents has not been guaranteed. Lin Huazhen, 63, also found a job selling water. "I sold well water from afar and sold it to residents. It costs 1.5 yuan."
Just 500 meters away from the Tailin Office, is the third largest reservoir in Sichuan Province, the Luban Lake Reservoir. Why do local residents guard the reservoir and become "drought" people?
"In 1998, the township auctioned the right to operate water supply stations to self-employed people." Hu Yongsheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Luban Town, explained that in recent years, Luban Lake water quality has been polluted because of cage fish farming and upstream sewage discharge. At the same time, the number of residents in the town has increased, making the water supply station unable to meet normal water supply.
“Because the town government owes me tens of thousands of dollars, I have pressured me to operate the water supply station for 30 years.” Wang Renfu, the operator of the water station, told reporters that in recent years, the town’s population has increased a lot and he’s been unable to do more. More investment, coupled with water pipes and equipment that have been in disrepair for a long time, have caused explosions and leakages to occur. "The fire was not available that night. The main problem was that the pump was broken and it took a long time to replace the pump."
"Look, this water can't be eaten at all." Resident Su Chi of the Tailin office displayed a tap water filled with black sediment on the spot and told reporters that the residents' water in Luban Town is still not guaranteed, let alone Tailin office at the end of the water supply chain.
It is understood that the Tailin office has a total of 291 permanent residents and nearly 1,000 people. The problem of draught in the town has not been resolved.
“The township has submitted an application to the Santai County Water Affairs Bureau and another new section to build a new water supply station.” Hu Yongsheng said that at present, the new well has been laid and the water pipes have been laid. (Finish)
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