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A few days ago, the Environmental Assessment Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Environmental Engineering Assessment Center and the Environmental Development Center and other departments formed a research project group for environmental safety management of heavy-duty projects and went deep into the field investigation of Jiangxi Jinde Lead Industry Co., Ltd., Dexing City, Jiangxi Province. Through understanding relevant practices of the environmental assessment and approval of environmental protection and supervision of Jiangxi Province, we have mastered the actual emissions of typical corporate sources of pollution and the impacts and related data of migration, transformation and accumulation of heavy metals in environmental media, and established relevant data for the future establishment of heavy metal pollutants. Technical support for environmental impact assessment technology methods, environmental safety protection distance determination methods, and environmental impact assessment management system are provided.

Wiper Linkage

We can supply all kinds of bus parts made in China, including original yutong bus parts, higer bus parts, zhongtong bus parts and so on.

Mainly products:

Engine: Cummins, Yuchai, Weichai brand engine and its parts

Gearbox: Qijiang, Hangchi, ZF brand gearbox and its parts

Chassis:Hande,Fangsheng,Meichi axle and chassis parts Other parts for bus:

bus body parts, windscreen and side glasses, wiper system, lamps, internal trims and electric parts etc.

Wiper Linkage,Windscreen Wiper Linkage,Wiper Transmission Linkage,Wiper Blade Linkage

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