On June 2, the Jilin Petrochemical Ethylene Plant conducted a torch overhaul of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plant. The overhaul of the flare system is a key project related to the progress of the maintenance of Jilin Petrochemical, and it is also a high-risk project with the highest operational altitude and the highest difficulty.
Torch maintenance is more difficult, starting from 9:00 am on June 1st, when the construction personnel finished the on-site physical examination and began to climb the torch, 110 meters vertical height, it is sweating to board. Under the scorching sun, a 7-meter-high scaffolding was erected on the top platform and then scaffolded for construction and inspection. The head of the torch fluctuates due to the wind, and it is already sober to the top. It is also a trial of physical strength and courage.
The torch is located on Nanshan Mountain, which is 274 meters above sea level. The main task of overhaul is to replace three fire tubes and eleven plugging plugs. With the close cooperation of management personnel at all levels of the factory, grassroots operators and maintenance engineers, the torch repair work was successfully completed.

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