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At noon today, a thrilling scene occurred in Kailu 6 village, Yinxing Road, Yangpu District. A man fell from the 4th floor of the residential building and was seriously injured. In the home of the 4th-floor resident, the anti-theft window had traces of incitement. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.
According to residents on the ground floor, when the incident heard a loud noise in the courtyard, he came to the window to check and found that a man was lying on the floor and could not move. The canopy and drying racks inside the patio were seriously damaged. . Due to unknown circumstances, the residents immediately alerted the police; the police and 120 emergency personnel arrived one after another and sent the men to nearby hospitals.
The reporter learned from the hospital that the man is about 40 years old and suffers from fractures of his ribs, accompanied by symptoms such as cerebral hemorrhage and visceral hemorrhage. The condition is critical.
It is understood that the man was falling from the 4th floor of the residential building. The reporter saw at the scene that the anti-theft window facing the walkway outside the 402 door had obvious signs of being tampered with. The aluminum alloy was cut off and left a gap. Looking through the window, the interior of the kitchen was messy and the items were scattered. Another resident stated that the police had visited before the incident and then took away several others from the house.
The reporter learned from the local residents' committee in the morning that someone was engaged in illegal activities in Room 402 last night. The police rushed to the room after receiving the report in the early morning. A man fell apart from the 4th floor after seeing a flustered way. Fortunately, he was crouching on the 3rd and 1st floors. The drying racks were given a certain amount of cushioning before they were able to return to life. At present, Yangpu police has stepped in. The specific circumstances of this case need further investigation.
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