"My first step, safety goes further" The Michelin 2012 road safety campus activity entered Shanghai. Michelin teamed up with the Shanghai Traffic Control Department for a small road safety education class for the steamboat elementary school in Minhang District. This is also the fourth stop of Michelin's road safety campus activity in 2012. The purpose is to raise children’s awareness of road safety, help them develop good safety travel habits, and promote the continued attention and attention of the whole society to road safety issues.

Mr. Yves Chapot, President of Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said: “Michelle Lin’s 2011 road safety campus activities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and other primary schools have received enthusiastic response, practical safety knowledge and housing. The teaching style of teaching and learning is welcomed and praised by the teachers and students of the school.As a responsible corporate citizen, Michelin will walk into more campuses this year, caring for the disadvantaged groups of young children and road users and advocating more. Chinese youths raise their awareness of safety, master safe travel knowledge, and work together with the whole society to build a safe road traffic environment."

Nearly 200 students from Grade 2 and Grade 3 of Steamboat Elementary School in Minhang District took this special safety class together. Some employees from the Shanghai Michelin Tyre Co., Ltd. passenger tire factory entered the classroom as volunteers, served as on-site teaching assistants, explained the traffic safety knowledge to the children with the traffic police, simulated various traffic environments, and made interactive games. We truly appreciate the importance of safe travel in such activities as witty question and answer, role-playing, creative graffiti, and children’s speech.

Mr. Francois Mouysset, director of the Shanghai Michelin Tire Co., Ltd.'s passenger tire factory, said: “The factory has been based in the Minhang Economic Development Zone for 11 years. We hope to continuously strengthen the integration of the factory and the local community while developing itself. , Through the participation in community development plans and social responsibility projects, establish a 'good neighborhood relationship'."

According to statistics, traffic accident injuries are becoming the number one killer of children. These traffic accidents are largely related to the poor and unsafe travel habits of children with self-protection awareness. Among them, the traffic safety situation around the school and during the school hours is the highest. Need everyone's attention and attention. In this regard, Mr. Huang Yuwei, the instructor of the 5th Squadron of the Traffic Police Detachment of Minhang District Public Security Bureau pointed out: “The prevention and control of children’s traffic accidents is a comprehensive project. On the one hand, we need to strengthen safety education for our children and raise everyone’s awareness of traffic safety; We also need the efforts of schools, families, traffic control departments, etc., as well as the common promotion and interest of the whole society. We are very happy and supportive of Michelin's active involvement in the cause of life safety and children's future."

Founded in 1949, Steamboat Elementary School in Minhang District, Shanghai is a full-time private primary school. At present, the school has 15 classes and nearly 500 students, 70% of whom are children of migrant workers. There are many large factories near the Jiangchuan area where the school is located, and the traffic conditions are complicated. Therefore, Michelin has deliberately set up measures such as deceleration belts and isolation piers at the entrance of schools to help improve the road safety environment around schools and within schools.

Principal Wang Peiying expressed her welcome and thanks for the Michelin Road Safety Campus activities. President Wang said, “Children are very eager for basic traffic safety knowledge. It is really necessary to set up such courses. Children's traffic safety requires not only the cultivation and improvement of children’s own safety awareness, but also schools, families, etc. Joint maintenance of related departments We are very grateful to Michelin for its active commitment to corporate social responsibility and the promotion of the community’s concern for children’s safety issues, and we can see from the active performance of the students in the classroom that the children’s teaching style is fun and entertaining. It is very welcome and this kind of education model is also worth learning.”

The Michelin Road Safety Campus activity was launched in 2011 and continues to this day. In 2012, Michelin plans to continue this activity in elementary schools in cities such as Hangzhou, Harbin, and Xi’an. Most of these schools are children of migrant workers. These "little migratory birds" follow their parents to come to city life and face a complicated traffic environment. They urgently need traffic safety education. In addition to the traffic safety knowledge class, Michelin also donated a "one-day safety poster" to the school to build road safety-related facilities around the school and on campus to improve the school's safety and environment. Michelin employee volunteers actively participate in this charity event, and encourage children to share what they have learned with family and friends to improve road safety awareness.

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