Chongqing Establishes Automation and Instrumentation Association The decentralized industrial R&D and production resources will be aggregated, which will greatly increase the market competitiveness of the city's automation and instrumentation industries. On October 25, the city officially established the Automation and Instrumentation Association.

It is reported that the association was initiated and established by 18 institutions related to automation and instrumentation in Chongqing, including the Chongqing Science and Technology Research Institute. Currently, the association has reached an agreement with 90 companies and institutions related to the automation and instrumentation industry.

According to the relevant person in charge of the association, through gathering technical requirements of the industry, the association will help companies find technical research and development projects in areas such as automatic control systems, equipment manufacturing automation, energy saving and emission reduction, and promote technological innovation in the city's automation and instrumentation industry. In addition, the association will also serve as a bridge between the government and the company. Through the collection of industrial data, it will assist the government in formulating and adjusting the industrial development plan and boost the rapid and healthy development of the city's automation and instrumentation industry.

Activated carbon Screening Equipment

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According to the particle size of the material, the roller round screen is used for grading screening equipment. It is generally used for classification and screening of medium and fine particles. It has the characteristics of stable operation, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, simple process layout and flexible etc.

Roller screen

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