XGB150-100-400 zirconium acetate mother liquor circulation pump, 8"X343F-150LbZr type zirconium and zirconium alloy plug valve developed by Xi'an Pump & Valve General Factory Co., Ltd., passed the expert appraisal organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Xi'an recently. .

Researchers have broken the conventional range of empirical factors in the hydraulic design of single-stage centrifugal pumps for zirconium materials, and successfully implemented new ideas for the design of centrifugal pumps with low specific speed, high head and high speed. In order to ensure the sealing effect of the zirconium valve, the researchers used a self-contained self-tightening sealing technology of the cock shaft cone, a cold-flow structure design of the flange at the bottom of the plug, and other new processes. The O-ring seal was used for cocking. At the sealing site, a four-fold sealing system was established.

Experts believe that the main technical performance parameters and indicators of the two new products have reached the international advanced level, to meet the current requirements of China's acetic acid production process, and can completely replace imports.

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