Drying equipment

China Drying Network News China Chemical Industry Energy-Saving Technology Association will hold a seminar on energy-saving technology for furnaces (kilns) in petroleum and chemical industry in Chengdu on September 21. At that time, domestic and international industrial furnace energy-saving technical experts, petroleum and chemical production engineering and technical personnel, etc., will come together to discuss domestic and foreign industrial furnace innovative energy-saving technologies and introduce successful cases, in order to help industrial production enterprises to develop energy-saving technological transformation plans. Effectively promote energy-saving technological progress. It is reported that the amount of industrial furnaces (kilns) used in the production of petrochemical products in China is vast, and 60% of the energy in the industry is consumed through industrial furnaces (kilns).

High Pressure Filter

It can be used for mineral oils, lubrication oils, non-flam fluids, synthetic and rapidly biodegradable fluids filtration.

Pressure oil filter houing, hydraulic oil filter

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