In many metallurgical equipment, the metallurgical microscope uses the most common formula, but often the maintenance of the metallographic equipment is sometimes costly. In fact, the metallurgical microscope cleaning is very convenient. The method is as follows:

1. When cleaning various glass parts, wipe it gently with gauze, remove the fingerprint or oil, use a small amount of ethyl ether (70%) and alcohol (30%) mixed solution to wipe the gauze;

2. Do not spill any liquid on the microscope. If splashed, you should immediately switch the main switch to “O”, unplug the power cord, and then wipe any liquid that has been splashed on the objective lens or under the objective lens;

3. Do not use organic solvents to wipe off non-optical parts of the microscope. If you want to clean these parts, use a soft, lint-free cloth with a small amount of neutral detergent.

4. If the objective lens is not mounted, be sure to attach the objective lens mounting screw hole on the objective lens converter so that dust and spilled tissue culture fluid does not enter the lens interior;

5. When not using the microscope, please use a dust cover to cover the microscope. Before you cover the microscope, be sure to wait for the lamp base to fully cool;

6. Do not disassemble any part of the microscope. This will result in reduced performance or malfunction.

7. The use of a device that emits ultraviolet light near a microscope may decolorize the colored part (yellow) of the microscope surface and prevent the microscope from directly contacting it.

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