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Yesterday, the municipal party committee and the municipal government convened the “9.13 accident” on-site office meeting on the construction site to further deploy various tasks such as accident recovery, investigation, and rectification. Wu Chengfa, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, emphasized that it is necessary to patiently and meticulously carry out the rehabilitation of the victims and their families, and at the same time step up investigations to find out the cause of the accident, seriously deal with the responsible persons in accordance with laws and regulations, and carry out the other way round to carry out the hidden dangers of production safety in the city. Troubleshoot governance, "We must turn the cost of blood into a driving force for the promotion of work, so that the lives of the deceased will not be lost in vain!"
At about 1:30 pm on the 13th, the construction of a construction lift on the construction site of the Donghujingyuan building fell to the top of the building, causing the crane operators to fall, causing a total of 19 deaths. After the accident, the provincial party committee, the provincial government, and the municipal party committee and municipal government attached great importance to the handling of the various accidents. After the investigation of the accident was completed, they would be seriously responsible for the recovery according to law.
Yesterday, Sui Chengfa and his entourage reviewed the scene of the accident to learn more about the accident and the reasons for the preliminary investigation, and carefully inquired about the placement and sympathy of the victims and their families.
Yan Chengfa expressed deep condolences to the victims of the accident and extended sincere condolences to the families of the victims. He stressed that patience and meticulous efforts to do the aftermath should be the first task of handling the current accident, and overcome all difficulties to properly handle the aftermath. To fully reflect human nature, in addition to the law, follow the rules and regulations, as far as possible to meet the reasonable and reasonable requirements of the families of the victims, but also to provide special care to those with special difficulties.
Yan Chengfa asked the relevant departments of the city to fully cooperate with the provincial government's accident investigation team, quickly find out the cause of the accident, and seriously deal with the relevant responsible units and responsible persons, playing a warning education role. We must earnestly learn from the painful lessons of this accident and, in doing so, indirectly strengthen the city’s safe production management. Immediately start the city's work safety hazard investigation and control work, in addition to the city's construction work site construction and rectification, in addition to the start of traffic, firefighting, hazardous chemicals production and storage, and other safety production accident-prone areas of safety inspection To ensure the safety of people's lives and property.
City leaders Hu Shuguang, Jia Yaobin, Zhao Fei, Long Zhengcai, and Shao Weimin attended the on-site office meeting.
Reporter Li Xiaomeng Zeng Chengying
After another (Pan Feng) "9.13 accident" occurred, the Municipal Public Security Bureau placed an investigation according to law. At present, five people responsible for the accident have taken compulsory measures according to law. The case is being processed further.
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