On the morning of May 16, Yuchai held a school bus power conference with the theme of “professional, special love, and enjoyment” at the Beijing National Convention Center, and launched China’s first dedicated power developed for the special needs of school buses. The exclusive service policy for school bus special power was introduced. This is also the first service policy for the school bus power market.

Wang Limin, deputy general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhang Jiasha, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Cui Huabiao, deputy chief engineer, and Zhou Chuanwu, deputy general manager of the sales company attended the conference. Zou Huxiao, Ruan Zhihao, Wang Limin and Zhou Chuanwu unveiled the Yuchai school bus special power. Leaders, experts and representatives of industry associations such as Zou Huxiao, Chairman of the China Road Society Passenger Cars Sub-Council and Secretary General Ruan Zhihao, witnessed this historic moment.

School bus special engine

Yuchai has always been committed to becoming the most competitive professional power supplier in the world, constantly striving for excellence, and making the trust of partners and the public more valuable. Because of the high concentration of market, product and value, Yuchai has been leading the industry in energy-saving, safe and environmentally-friendly engine technologies, and piloted the passenger car power market with a market share of up to 60%. Yuchai, with its leading professional technology and excellent quality, practices social responsibility, repays the trust of partners, and actively undertakes social responsibilities. In 2012, Chinese school buses ushered in a historic development opportunity, but we also realized that the maturation and development of Chinese school buses will go through a long and winding process. As a member of the bus industry chain, Yuchai has the responsibility to undertake the important task of promoting the development of school buses in China, and meet the public's demand for school bus power with professional and excellent products and services.

Wang Limin said that Yuchai was the first to introduce school-vehicle-specific power in China. This is Yuchai’s ability to conduct special technical development based on the deep research and analysis of the school bus market, focusing on the needs of safety, peace of mind and comfort. It not only embodies Yuchai's care for the next generation, but also embodies Yuchai's years of professional technical strength. It is hoped that the launch of Yuchai school bus special power will enable Chinese school buses to have more advanced and applicable power options on the path of professional development.

Zou Huxiao fully affirmed Yuchai’s special power for school buses. He said that safety is the core demand of school buses. How to provide children with safe, reliable, and comfortable school buses is not just an issue that vehicle companies need to consider, but also the whole bus industry chain should actively work hard to think about. He said that Yuchai was the first engine company to launch school-bus-specific power. He saw Yuchai who was caring and committed to social responsibility. He also saw Yuchai's school bus-specific power that combines technical strength and social responsibility. He sincerely praised Yuchai as a model for creating the momentum of China's school buses and gave his sincere blessings to China's school bus industry and Yuchai.

The integrated launch of Yuchai is YC4FA, YC4D, YC4E, YC4G, and YC6J, namely, the "4416" school bus special engine product portfolio. This combination accurately meets the power requirements for 5.5 to 10 meter flat and long head school bus subdivision models. Based on the core requirements of school buses, Yuchai has designed and developed the school-vehicle-specific power with three major highlights: safety, peace of mind and comfort. In terms of safety, Yuchai carried out special technical design for fire retardant and safe braking of school bus special power, which effectively improved the safety of the engine and vehicle operation; Yuchai is based on modern electronically controlled engine technology and modern communications and satellites. Positioning and network technology, through the vehicle terminal and platform system, the establishment of an interactive communication platform for people, computers, and managers, combined with Yuchai's own strong service technology capabilities and comprehensive sunken service network coverage, to provide instant and active school bus users The vehicle operation service and operation management service are provided to achieve peace of mind. In the process of school bus special power design and development and the complete vehicle supporting development, in order to obtain better comfort, Yuchai school bus power adopts NVH (noise reduction and vibration reduction) technology. Modeling and analysis: Optimize the structure of the engine, optimize the sound, and reduce the noise. Optimize the design of engine integration and suspension in vehicle matching, reduce the vibration transmitted from the engine to the body, effectively reduce noise, and greatly improve comfort. Sex.

In response to the school bus's operating characteristics and needs, Yuchai has formulated a set of school bus exclusive "3 3 enjoyment" service policy, giving the school bus a higher standard and more intimate service guarantee. For all Yuchai school bus special engines that are designed and manufactured in accordance with national school bus standards for special school buses, the whole machine will not be subject to mileage guarantee for 3 years. Users can enjoy 3 engine maintenances and enjoy 3 school safety inspections during the warranty period. Ensure school bus safety and worry-free implementation of the task of escorting schoolchildren in the new school year. Yuchai has more than 4,000 service stations, specialty stores, distribution points, and more than 1,200 professional electronic control service stations in all counties and cities across the country, greatly reducing the service radius and providing swift service guarantees for school buses.

It is reported that as of now, there are more than 10,000 Taiwan-bound school buses carrying Yuchai Power rushing around Zhejiang, Tibet, Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, and Fujian, carrying thousands of schoolchildren safely. The high share and high recognition of Yuchai in the school bus market also means high responsibility and high mission. With the high-quality, high-reliability and high-appropriate school bus engine driving the school bus carrying the future of the motherland, Yuchai is duty-bound.

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