China's high-speed rail construction is in full swing

On July 28, the development of China's high-speed railway and the press conference of the Seventh World High-speed Railway Congress were held in Beijing. He Huawu, chief engineer of the Ministry of Railways and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, stated that by 2012, the operating mileage of China's railways will reach more than 110,000 kilometers, of which the new high-speed railway will reach 13,000 kilometers. By 2020, China's railway operating mileage will reach 120,000 kilometers. China is entering an unprecedented period of high-speed rail construction. This is undoubtedly a long-term good news for the development of the construction machinery industry. The construction of high-speed railways has a strong impact on the construction machinery industry. The country's increasing investment in high-speed railways every year has made the future prospects for construction machinery promising.

High-speed rail energy saving and environmental protection has been greatly invested by the country

At present, "turning the way and adjusting the structure" has become the main theme in China's economic field, and energy saving and emission reduction are important aspects. A large number of high-speed railways in China have adopted the “Bridge to Road”, which effectively reduced the cutting of towns along the route and saved a lot of land. High-speed rail is the preferred means of transport for the development of a low-carbon economy. Using electric traction and regenerative braking can save a lot of energy, especially precious oil resources. The high-speed rail's low-carbon environmental protection has received strong support from the country and has become an important project for future infrastructure construction. At the beginning of this year, the data released at the national railway work conference showed that following the completion of the basic construction investment in railway construction in 2009, which will reach 600 billion yuan, railway investment in 2010 will reach 823.5 billion yuan, of which capital construction investment will reach 700 billion yuan this year. The growth rate was 16.7%, and the investment scale reached a record high. According to the estimation of the Ministry of Railways, the largest part of the total investment in high-speed railways is the railway infrastructure. This part of the project will use engineering machinery products in large quantities.

Pay close attention to the national high-speed rail project layout and process

As we all know, the construction of high-speed rail will directly drive the market demand for construction machinery and equipment, and will drive excavators, loaders, bulldozers, roadheaders, rotary drilling rigs, shield machines, mixers, and pump trucks. Therefore, in recent years, the country's newly started high-speed rail project has become the focus of attention of construction machinery companies. As early as the beginning of this year, China Construction Machinery Business Network edited and compiled more than 200 newly-built railway projects across the country according to the start-up information released by the relevant state departments. The report describes in detail the important information such as construction period, investment amount, required equipment, progress stage, project content, and region of the project. At the same time, the construction unit, design unit, and contact information of the construction unit of the project were also noted, which enabled the construction machinery companies to be more targeted in marketing, to be targeted, to grasp the historical opportunities of high-speed rail development, and to share an unprecedented high-speed rail feast. .

Engineering Machinery Enterprises Adjust Business Strategy and Product Structure in Time

In the face of the broad development prospects of high-speed rail, construction machinery should adjust its business strategy and product structure in a timely manner in accordance with the state's relevant policies for high-speed rail construction, as well as the area, time, and duration of construction of new projects. For example, in this investment feast, the central region is expected to become the most benefited area because of the high-speed rail interchanges. Hunan Province has started construction of seven new railway construction projects this year with a total length of 1,200 kilometers. Anhui Province will invest 30 billion yuan this year for railway construction, which is the highest standard of the year. By 2015, most of the top ten provinces with the longest operating mileage of high-speed rail in China are in the central region. The concentration of high-speed rail projects in the region will also bring strong demand for construction machinery and equipment. Construction machinery companies can focus on high-speed rail projects in this area, increase marketing efforts, and take the first step in the fierce market competition to win business opportunities.

In terms of product structure, there are many types of construction machinery products required for high-speed railway construction, and different types of construction machinery products are required for different construction phases. According to the construction process, with the passage of time, the required types of construction machinery and special accessories are as follows: bulldozers and planes, rotary drilling rigs, concrete machinery (one station and three vehicles), bridge bearings, beam box equipment, bridging Machine, paver, CA mortar or track slab. Construction machinery companies can carry out marketing activities according to the progress of the project. The future development of high-speed railway construction in China will be even stronger, and the pulling of construction machinery products will continue for quite some time. Therefore, adjusting the structure of existing products and adapting to the development of infrastructure at that time has already mentioned the strategic agenda of many senior managers of construction machinery companies. According to the construction requirements for high-speed rail construction, it is also necessary to make adjustments in the R&D and production of construction machinery products with high demand for high-speed rail, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, and rotary drilling rigs.

High-speed rail is becoming the epitome of China's economic growth. With the arrival of the high-speed rail era, it is bound to promote the great development of the entire construction machinery industry. In this golden period of golden railway development, construction machinery companies should grasp the market, adjust product structure and marketing strategies, strengthen internal strength, and improve product quality. While serving the construction of high-speed railways in China, they also win their own leapfrog development.

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