FAW Pentium hit the mid-to-premium model B90 recently. As the first model released by Zhang Xiaojun, the general manager of the new FAW Car Sales Co., Ltd., the Pentium B90 does not emphasize cost-effectiveness or security like other independent brands. Instead, it borrows from Audi's usual marketing methods - striving to render its sense of technology.

In this Chengdu auto show, B90 occupied an important position on the stand. FAW Car Sales Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Cui Dayong said in an interview that with the B70 and B50 on the joint venture models have different references, from the body to the technology platform all the independent development of the Pentium B90, and Mazda has nothing to do.

In the continuous decline in the performance of FAW Car's interim results, the Pentium B90 R & D investment "hundreds of millions." From the face of the test of listing, and the pressure of the company's investment income, the independent brand of FAW Car represented by B90 must immediately start a counterattack.

Clearing the shadow of Mazda

In an interview, Cui Dayong emphasized the characteristics of the "completely independent research and development" of the B90 model. He told reporters that the B90 is a platform independently developed by China FAW, so the Pentium B90 flagship model will not rely on any joint venture platform, and will not use the concept of a joint venture brand in marketing. "In the current market, Pentium will compete positively with joint venture brands."

This feature was directly reflected in the pricing of the B90. Although the price of 139,800 to 199,800 yuan was nearly 10,000 yuan lower than the expected price of 150,000 yuan, the dealers were not overly pleased. "This price level coincides with many joint venture brands and the market difficulty can be imagined." A Pentium dealer told reporters.

Faced with the price drop of joint ventures, Cui Dayong said that independent brands can compete with joint venture brands in terms of vehicle quality and service network layout. This is mainly due to the maturation of independent brands in the mid-to-high end areas, and consumers. Gradual change in the mentality of car purchase.

According to the analysis, the Pentium brand focuses on the private consumer market, and uses Mazda's sales model more for its marketing strategy. The launch of the Pentium B90 completely abandoned the Mazda concept. At the same time, the Pentium B90 will launch a 1.8L displacement model for the official car market, enter the official car market with an image of “full autonomy”, and drive sales growth in the private consumer market through its advantages in the official car market.

Must face high-end "ceilings"

Cui Dayong analyzed the current high-end self-owned brand market and said: "In the mid-to-high end models, the self-owned brands may encounter ceilings. This is a problem that must be faced." The intuitive manifestation of the ceiling is the price, but the B90 clearly does not have a cost-effective path.

The listing of the B90, FAW Cars in the Pentium brand overall combing has been re-considered, the market segment is more clear. Prior to the launch of the Pentium B90, the new B70 cancelled the 2.0L and 2.3L two-displacement models, retaining only 1.8L displacement models, and adjusted the market price to the range of 119,800 to 141,800,000 yuan, providing a sufficient market for the Pentium B90. Place space. The Pentium B90 launches two models with 2.0L and 2.3L displacements. The market price is 139,800 to 199,800 yuan. It focuses on the mid-to-high-end car market and complements the B50 and B70 products as well as the Red Flag brand. A, B, C-level market segments.

Cui Dayong told reporters that the current Pentium brand has been launched in accordance with the plan to launch three models, the future FAW Car will also launch the Pentium SUV models and MPV, this way, the Pentium brand will be formed from the economy car to high-end cars, to cars and other Full coverage of models.

However, the market's recognition of high-end self-owned brand models has not reached a certain height. Data show that in this market Pentium brand years of deep plowing, sales of the best is still the most cost-effective B50 models, the main high-end autonomy concept of B70 this year from January to July sales of less than 10,000.

"With the intensified market competition in the past two years, joint venture brands have launched downward pressure on low-end models, which has formed a strong oppressive situation for self-owned brands." Cui Dayong said, "But now, independent brands are not too willing to make low-end models. Have launched their own high-end models."

According to report, after the listing from the end of August to the end of this year, the Pentium B90's production schedule for the second factory in Changchun is about 10,000 vehicles. In other words, the monthly sales volume after listing will reach about 2,500 units, and the production capacity will be fully utilized. This sales target is a huge challenge for the current tough independent brands.

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