On July 9, 2012, the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision conducted a conformity inspection and verification of the production site of AKH-0.66 series current transformers produced by Shanghai Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. , and the results were in line with the requirements of measurement laws and regulations. And to obtain a measurement certificate of conformity, certificate number: No. (2012) No. 0222287 of the quantity company (tin) word.

Three-phase current transformers are also called three-in-one transformers as AC current signal acquisition components. They can be used together with multi-loop current monitoring devices (AMC16), PZ300, and molded case circuit breakers, saving installation space and wiring. The cumbersome and user-friendly use effectively reduces costs. Three-phase current transformer well-known brands are Zhejiang Dixon TAS series, Fuzhou Yingtai automation LNP3 series

The following takes the AKH-0.66/Z series as an example to introduce the functions and technical parameters of the three-phase current transformer.

External Triple Current Transformer (AKH-0.66/Z)

AKH-0.66/Z series three-phase current transformer shell is made of imported polycarbonate with flame retardant and temperature resistance of 140°C. The color of the product is beige, and ultrasonic welding is used for fixing between the shells. The core is made of oriented cold-rolled silicon steel wire, and the secondary wire is made of high-strength electromagnetic enameled wire. The product has novel structure, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, small size, light weight, high accuracy and large capacity. Standards compliant

Products meet the national standard GB1208-2006

Technical indicators

Measurement CT primary current 5-250A, secondary current 5A, 1A, 0.02, 0.05

Rated working voltage AC0.66kV (equivalent AC 0.69kV, GB/T156-2007)

Rated frequency 50-60Hz

Ambient temperature -30 °C ~ 70 °C, maximum temperature 120 °C

Altitude ≤3000m

Power frequency withstand voltage 3000V/1min 50Hz

For places where there is no direct rain, snow, no serious pollution and severe vibration.

Selection instructions

According to the primary current and bus section and other parameters, select the corresponding specification product. A wire passes through the transformer window.

The working current does not exceed 1.1 times the rated value for a long period of time. It is allowed to be used for a short time at 1.2 times of the rated value, and the time does not exceed 1 hour.

According to the size of the measured current, the rated current ratio is selected, and the rated current is generally chosen to be 2/3 larger than the measured current.

The polarity of the product is expressed as: a wiring sign P1, P2, the corresponding secondary wiring sign S1, S2; S1 represents the same name of P1, S2 represents the same name of P2;

The measuring instrument is connected to the S1 and S2 terminals. The total load of the connected circuit should not exceed the rated load of the transformer. When the position of the installed instrument is far away from the current transformer or the circuit load is large, it should be used twice. Current specification of 1A;

Model: AKH-0.66 Z-3×φ20

Current ratio: 100A/5A

Accuracy level: Level 1

Rated load: 2.5VA

Heart rate: 1 匝

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