I believe many experts have a high opinion on the screening efficiency of vibrating screens, and this problem is also very common in the customer's use. The material screening is not thorough, and it is required that the material under the sieve material below 5 mm actually passes through the upper sieve plate... For these problems, the following analysis is done:

1. How to increase the opening ratio of the sieve plate. The high opening ratio is advantageous for improving the screening effect, and the high opening ratio of the stainless steel welded sieve plate can be paid attention to.

2. Increasing the screening rate can adjust the feeding mode. When the space position of the site is inadvertently considered, the feeding is not given along the full screen width, which will inevitably result in the screen surface not being fully utilized;

3. To reduce the porosity of the screen paste, consider using a sieve plate with self-cleaning, such as a spring-rod screen.

4. Under the conditions allowed by the site conditions, the tilt angle of the screen machine can be considered. The proper tilt angle is beneficial to reduce the material thickness and achieve thin layer screening.

5. If necessary, wet screening, this is the most effective means to improve the screening effect.

6. For the circular vibrating screen, consider the method of adjusting the counterweight appropriately to improve the screening effect;

7. For dry screening, the feed moisture should be strictly controlled. When the moisture is high, the ingredients can be considered for screening.

8. If conditions permit, add a fixed sieve to the feed end for coarse screening.

Lab Granulator and Coater

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