These two multi-layer shakers were successfully developed by the North Mine Institute in the late 1970s and produced by the Ningde City Gravity Selection Plant.
8YC (4 layers) and 9YC (3 layers) suspended multilayer shaker have multiple uses: â‘  sorting 0.2 ~ 2mm sand and sludge level of tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium and other non-ferrous, ferrous metals and rare minerals ; â‘¡ sorting end of coal and slime of 0.5 ~ lmm of 0.5 ~ 6mm; â‘¢ sorting coal RESEARCH 0.2 ~ 3mm stone ores and sludge level pyrite; other mixtures having a sufficient difference in density, particle size suitable from â‘£ Select useful substances in the material.
The structure of the 8YC type suspended four-layer shaker is shown in Fig. 1. The transmission device and the bed surface are respectively suspended by wire ropes on the metal bracket or the prefabricated hook of the building. The inertial force of the bed head is transmitted to the shaker frame through the ball and socket coupling, so that the bed surface is interlocked with the bed head. The bed surface is made of FRP made of honeycomb sandwich structure with a center-to-center spacing of 400 mm. A self-locking worm gear steering device is arranged on the steel frame, and the latter is connected with a pair of steel wire ropes at the concentrate end to pull the sprocket wheel, and the wire rope moves on the pulley, thereby changing the lateral slope of the bed surface. The slurry and the flushing water are respectively supplied to the bed surfaces of the ore tanks and the water supply tanks, and the products are discharged from the concentrate tanks connected to the bed surface and the middle and tailing tanks located on the ground.
The structure of the 9YC suspended three-layer FRP shaker is shown in Figure 2, which is basically the same as the 8YC shaker, both of which use a new type of highly efficient multi-eccentric inertia gear head.
The main advantages of these two shakers are: significantly improved the processing capacity per unit area, reduced plant area and capital investment; easy operation and management, simple maintenance; eliminating the cumbersome foundation and not transmitting excitement to the plant ; low running noise; saves power.
These two multi-layer shakers are produced by Ningde City Gravity Selection Plant, and their technical performance is listed in the following table. In addition, the Shicheng mining machine also produces a 9YC suspended three-layer shaker.
    figure 1   figure 2   table

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