With the promotion and spread of the concept of green environmental protection in the world, the concept of environmental protection is gradually infiltrating into all walks of life. With the gradual use of environmental protection products and deep roots, the wire and cable industry has also begun to pay attention to the development and promotion of environmental protection cables.
China also attaches great importance to this field. The relevant laws and regulations require that non-environmental protection cables be strictly prohibited during the construction of major projects.
So what is a green cable, and what are its characteristics?
1, high flame retardancy
The environmental protection cable can completely guarantee the building requirements that require high fire protection. In case of fire, the environmental protection cable can not only not be easy to burn, but also can prevent the spread of flames and the expansion of disaster after combustion.
2, halogen-free
The use of green insulating layer, sheath and special oxygen barrier material not only makes the environmental protection cable have good electrical performance, physical and mechanical properties, but also guarantees that the product does not contain halogen, and solves the “secondary pollution” formed when it is burned. To avoid the occurrence of cancer-causing "dioxin" substances when traditional PVC wires are burned.
3, low toxin
The insulation and sheathing of environmental protection cables does not contain heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium, which are harmful to the human body. They do not cause pollution to the soil or water sources during the use and disposal of environmental protection cables. After harsh toxicity experiments, the rats were safe under the specified experimental conditions.
4, no corrosion gas
The use of new type of special coating material that does not pollute the environment will not produce toxic gases such as HCL during the production, use, and combustion of environmental protection cables, and will result in very little acid gas emissions, less damage to personnel, equipment and equipment, and more environmental protection features. .
5, high light transmittance
The smoke produced when the environmental protection cable is burned is extremely thin, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the execution of fire-fighting work. In general, the transmittance of environmental protection cable products is greater than 40%, which is much higher than the standard of less than 20% of the light transmission rate of traditional flame-retardant cable cables.

Hand Dryer

An automatic hand dryer is a sanitary ware appliance for drying or drying hands in the bathroom. It is divided into an induction type automatic hand dryer and a manual hand dryer. The working principle of the hand dryer is generally that the sensor detects a signal (hand). This signal is controlled to turn on the heating circuit relay and the blowing circuit relay to start heating and blowing. When the signal detected by the sensor disappears, the contact is released, the heating circuit and the blowing circuit relay are disconnected, and the heating and blowing are stopped.

It overcomes the shortcomings of the wall mounted hand dryer that the air can not be discharged in multiple directions and the skin temperature of the hands is too high. It aims to provide a hand dryer that circulates the air in multiple directions. An air guiding device, the air guiding device is provided with air guiding blades, and the rotation of the air guiding device or the swinging of the air guiding blades causes the high speed hand dryer to circulate and not direct the wind.

Automatic hand dryers are advanced and ideal sanitary cleaning appliances and equipment. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, scientific research institutions, hospitals, public entertainment venues and the toilets of each family. After washing your hands, put your hands under the air outlet of the automatic hand dryer, the automatic hand dryer will automatically send out comfortable warm air, and quickly make your hands wet and dry, and when you leave the air outlet of the automatic hand dryer When it automatically shuts down the wind again. It can meet the requirements of not drying hands with towels and preventing cross infection of diseases.

hand dryer

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