Billions of copies of the "Titanic"

On January 12th, a Sichuan private enterprise and US partner announced in Hong Kong that they plan to invest in the construction of a permanently docked cruise ship on the banks of the Lijiang River in the county of Taiying County, Sichuan Province. In order to build a local tourist attraction to attract the world's tourists.

This copy project is planned to be invested by Sichuan Qixing Energy Investment Group with a planned investment of RMB 1 billion, and a professional design team from the United States is commissioned to provide the design proposal. It will be built by the Wuchang Shipyard under the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and will be completed in two years.

The artistic director of the Hollywood project, Curtis Schneier, told reporters that in order to build a replica of the Titanic in Sichuan, the design team will mainly refer to the “Olympic” sister ship of the British luxury cruise ship “Titanic”. No.'s information, as well as some of the existing "Olympic" furniture to make plans.

Schnell said: "I think the copy of the Titanic is not only to promote the development of local tourism, but also to better share and transmit the spirit of 'Titanic' - human love and self-surpass."

At the press conference held that day, Cameron's version of Titanic, Captain Smith's player and famous British actor Bernard Hill, was also invited to join the project's advisory team. Hill was also hired by the project investor as the captain of the future new Titanic. Hill said that although the new Titanic could not sail on the sea in the future, he was honored to be a captain in the real world.

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