The reporter recently learned from relevant departments that Nan'an Binjiang Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Base has invested 66.78 million yuan this year and completed 133.6% of the annual investment. At present, 72 companies have settled in and 46 companies have already put into production.

Nan'an Binjiang Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Base is a professional high-tech industrial base that is being constructed in Quanzhou and Nan'an during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period. The base is planned and constructed according to the standards of modern professional bases. The total planned land area is 7.67 square kilometers and it is constructed in three phases.

Since August this year, the base has completed a total investment of 30.56 million yuan. The new fixed assets investment of the settled enterprises is 250 million yuan, of which 20 key enterprises plan to invest 624 million yuan in the year, and have invested 643 million yuan, completing 103% of the annual investment.

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