Beijing Bishuiyuan Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding company of Bishuiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300070 ). It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, marketing and service of domestic and commercial water purification equipment. Bishui source full-water industry chain interactive marketing model look forward to your joining, Bishui source will fully support partners and jointly contribute their abilities for the aquaculture industry. What kind of support will you get from joining Clearwater?

1 , opening support:

The company came out with outlets location factors and reference requirements and standards for site selection guide; offers standardized storefront VI, clean water source unified brand image. The company provides the necessary materials and resources for the opening of the business, and specializes in assisting the opening promotion and promotion.

2 , training services:

The company regularly assigns special personnel to conduct special training in sales software operations, store management, products and technologies, market operations, corporate governance, and after-sales service policies. The promotion of direct-operated stores has entered a sound development.

3 , market operation support:

The company's operating department regularly publishes the corresponding promotion, promotion, advertising, and after-sales service programs, and allocates corresponding resources to support direct marketing stores to carry out market activities in stages to increase sales.

4. Maintenance and management of market order:

Good market operation order is the fundamental guarantee for long-term stability of manufacturers. Market order mainly manifests as low-cost dumping, malicious stock removal, and false resources. In order to protect the interests of manufacturers, the company sets up a special supervision department to coordinate with regional partner companies to supervise, control, and manage the overall market business order. Once discovered, it will follow The stipulated heavy punishment will never be tolerated.

5 , targeted brand communication support:

In addition to the brand development investment, the company has planned resources in the area where the direct-operated stores are located. According to the needs of the market, it can regularly deliver bus advertisements, community light box advertisements, and elevator print advertisements. Through the enhancement and promotion of brand influence, it fully cooperates with offline promotion, promotion and sales.

Clear water source water purifier looks forward to your joining, wealth hotline 4000-2000-51 .

Ground finishing machine is also known as cement finishing machine, its main structure is a gasoline engine driven spatula rotor, in the middle of the cross bottom of the rotor equipped with 10 spatula.
Spatula tilt direction and rotor rotation direction is the same, driven by gasoline engine triangular belt spatula rotor rotation.
When operating, fire first, hold the control handle, two push forward together is to move forward, pull back together is to move back.
It can do 100 ~ 300m2 per hour on average, which can improve working efficiency more than 30 times compared with manual polishing.

Power Trowel

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