FFG-244 flexible plate color printing line manufactured by Sweden Emba adopts vacuum adsorption feeding, so the vacuum pump is the key equipment in the pipeline, which causes two typical failures in use.

1 noise, the instrument shows a very low vacuum pressure Vacuum pump noise, the instrument shows a very low vacuum pressure below 1kPa, the feed department serious dislocation, rejection rate is too high. Adjust the vacuum plate and vacuum valve no effect, and the Swedish manufacturer, the answer can not be resolved. Indicators on the vacuum pump test and found that the dynamic unbalance in 28 ~ 40g, check information, 30g or so should not have much impact. Split the pump apart, the balance of the impeller after two treatment, the imbalance in the 1.2 ~ 1.6g, install the test machine, no noise, the feed is normal. After the analysis, resulting in this failure is the filter is broken, the waste, confetti into the impeller, destroyed the balance of the impeller, resulting in the overall vibration of the vacuum pump and noise, feed department dislocation.

2. Vacuum pump impeller was blown into three pieces of equipment In operation, the pressure gauge swing large, loud, and then heard the sound like a bomb explosion, the majority of vacuum pump blown fly, fried impeller became three pieces, half a shell Also fragmented, basically scrapped (the cause of the problem is still under investigation).

Mapping the impeller, re-production. The original impeller material is aluminum alloy, but no label according to the experience decided to use ZAL215-217 turning the sand, after 12 days of processing and installation, commissioning and running good results.

The significance of solving this accident is that the same assembly line there are 26 in the country, a vacuum pump about 300,000 yuan, to solve their own significant benefits In addition, the vacuum pump is prone to failure a balance problem, the second is the air filter and Refueling maintenance issues, pay more attention in these areas, to avoid many failures.

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