The purpose of the suction truck is to apply it to the special vehicles for clearing the sewage, silt and manure, and dredge the pipeline project in the environment of septic tanks, sewage ditch and sewers, etc., and is mainly used for municipal sanitation work. However, in recent years, there has been an incredible incident. Many citizens have responded to this incident and have been seriously affected by it. That is the "suction bomb explosion." Obviously, environmental protection vehicles serve the people, but they have caused pollution to the public.


The incident took place in Guangxi, where people were passing back and forth as they used to. People who went to work, who had shopping, had just come out to buy something, so there was no sign of this, and there was no defense against roadside smoking. The fecal car exploded. This passing citizen can suffer and is sprayed with a spurt. It really hurt these people. One can imagine how complex the mood was of the air on that road and the people who were splashed with the excrement. Suction trucks are mainly used for the cleaning of sewers and sewers. There has been an explosion, and the excrement has been flying all over the place. The pollution is everywhere, which seriously affects the environment and the chemical destruction.

    Analyze the cause of the explosion of the suction truck: if it is not used for a long time, the seal is closed, and the sun is suddenly used to open the sun. Breathing causes excessive explosion of the biogas, causing the tank to explode. Therefore, we usually pay special attention to maintenance and maintenance when using a suction truck. Avoid such incidents from happening again. Before each working day, check the manure tank and gas pipeline for leaks, oil leakage, and leakage. Find timely remedy. Every day, check whether the bolts and nuts of the manure tank, vacuum pump, transmission shaft and power take-off are tightened and loosened. Personally, before the official use of the vehicle, it is recommended that the pumping and water purification test run be performed first. This is a step familiar with the operation process, and it is helpful for later skilled operations. When the power take-off is engaged after the gear is engaged, the clutch pedal must be lifted to avoid sudden high-speed operation of the vacuum pump, resulting in damage to the pump's internal components and the transmission shaft's components. Every day should also carefully check the maintenance of "alarm device" to ensure that it is sensitive and effective without failure.


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