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First, R&D background 1. "Sphinx" debut July 15, 2010, according to Israel's "Latest Defense" magazine revealed that the French Panhard company is developing a "sphinx" 6x6 armored scout chariot . This kind of powerful light tank has been publicly unveiled at the recent European Defense Exhibition. 2. Scout for the French Army's wheeled reconnaissance vehicle

According to "Jane's Defense Weekly," Panhard's R & D "Sphinx" is mainly to compete for the French army's wheeled reconnaissance vehicle project purchase orders. According to reports, the French Army needed a total of 292 such armored vehicles. [1]

Second, the design features 1, V-type body design "Sphinx" armored reconnaissance vehicle V-type body design, can effectively withstand the rocket-propelled grenades attack, mines and roadside bombs are also strong defense capabilities. Since the total weight is only 17 tons, this type of tank can be fully transported by the US-made C-130 transporter or the European A400M transporter in order to quickly enter the battlefield. 2, weapons configuration In the fire configuration, the "Sphinx" armored reconnaissance vehicle is also proud enough, its body is equipped with a new "Cockral" CT40-type man turret, the turret is not only integrated advanced 40 mm caliber Cannon guns and 7.62 mm coaxial machine guns are also equipped with 4 long-range anti-tank missiles for precise over-the-horizon blows.
In addition, the "Sphinx" armored reconnaissance vehicle is also very maneuverable, with good off-road capability and acceleration, and a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour. Its flexible, powerful firepower is sufficient to cope with the harsh battlefield environment.

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