Difficult to choose nickel ore beneficiation technology
The beneficiation process of nickel ore is divided into a nickel sulfide ore beneficiation process and a nickel oxide ore processing process according to the ore type.
Beneficiation Process of Nickel Sulfide Ore The copper- nickel ore containing more than 7% of nickel can be directly sent to smelting; less than 3% of the ore should be subjected to beneficiation and then sent to the smelting through concentrate. The copper sulfide nickel ore is usually sorted by a flotation method. Since the nickel pyrite, chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite belong to the nickel-containing sulfide ores, which may vary from floating, thus flotation required by adjusting the PH value of slurry and addition of different inhibitors, it Separation. The flotation process of copper sulphide ore is basically divided into two types: priority flotation process (including partial priority flotation) and mixed flotation process. Regardless of the sorting process used, it is necessary to prevent nickel from entering the copper concentrate to avoid nickel loss during copper smelting. When the grade of copper in the ore is higher than that of nickel, the preferential flotation process shall be adopted to obtain copper concentrate first and then flotation to obtain nickel concentrate; when the grade of copper in the ore is lower than nickel, a mixed flotation process is adopted. The copper nickel mixed concentrate has two separation (or treatment) methods: when the copper-nickel mineral has a coarse particle size and the two minerals are not closely symbiotic, they can be separated one by one by flotation to obtain copper concentrate and nickel. Concentrates are then sent to smelting separately; when the copper-nickel minerals are fine-grained and the two minerals are closely symbiotic, the mixed concentrate is sent to smelting to produce high-ice nickel, and then the copper-nickel is separated by flotation. Sometimes, some nickel minerals are too poorly floatable and cannot be floated out during mixed flotation. They are then recycled from the mixed flotation tailings by flotation or other beneficiation methods and separately sorted.
Nickel Oxide Ore Processing Process Nickel minerals in nickel oxide ore are fine-grained and often exist in gangue minerals by isomorphous dispersion, which is difficult to separate by physical means. Therefore, the nickel oxide ore is first crushed and sieved to remove large rocks with poor weathering and low nickel, and then sent to a smelting plant for treatment. There are two methods of smelting: fire method and wet method. Commonly used are electric furnace ice-making nickel method, ammonia leaching and acid leaching method.

Pressure Control Manifolds

Collocating with vaporizers, we also provide pressure control device to supply stable pressure as desired through pressure control manifold at the downstream of vaporizers. There're single-channel pressure reduction device, double-channel pressure reduction device. The pressure regualting manifolds may be custom-built upon your parameter requirement.

Flow-rate: 50Nm3/Hr to 20,000|Nm3/Hr
Pressure: Inlet: 0.4~26Mpa, Outlet: as required.

Pressure Control Manifolds

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